The Convergence of Faith, Politics and Culture: Vision for This Blog

          Let me start by putting it bluntly, when faith, politics and culture come together there are no easy answers. Some will say, “Of course there are, The Bible tells us what to think about A, B or C.” It is my belief, however, that when it comes to applying Scripture to the many issues we face in this world there is rarely (if, ever) a 1 to 1 correlation. As nice as that would be, there is just too much distance between the biblical world and our world today. More work is required of us and that is what this blog is all about.

            In many of my posts I am going to look at the important political issues this country is dealing with and seek a faithful biblical position. Of course, with this task there are complications. If we’re dealing with the Old Testament, we must take into account the way in which Israel was governed which was sometimes theocracy and sometimes monarchy (maybe always theocracy, depending upon your perspective). America is considered a Constitutional Republic, very different from anything Israel faced. In America, the needs of a very diverse people must be considered and the powers of government are (supposed to be) limited by a Constitution. Thus, saying that they did X in Israel so we should do X in American isn’t quite so cut and dry. Ultimately, Scripture is our backbone; it gives us our ethical basis, but we must use caution when applying it to the modern day.

            Furthermore, issues are often far more complicated than people would have us believe. I am always wary of anyone who claims to have the “correct” position on a complicated subject. Especially, when, after stating their position, they torch all of those who disagree with them. The fact is that for some issues there are many defensible positions that are faithful to the Bible. While it is okay to be secure in our beliefs about various topics, I believe that it is arrogant to act as if we know everything this side of eternity. It is my belief that complicated issues should be approached with humility even if we have determined what we think about them.

            In addition, and in the interest of full disclosure, I will sometimes post random thoughts about religion, politics, culture, the media, maybe sports, and anything else that inspires me. It won’t always be wrestling through complex issues; sometimes it’ll be observations, insights or commentary on pop culture. No matter the post, I encourage those that read to engage. If you think I’m wrong about something, let me know. If you have some legitimate pushback, let me hear it. And of course, encouragement is always welcome as well. While I have seen many people dismiss discussion as an unfruitful enterprise, this has not been the case in my own life. I can think of many examples in which someone else’s insights or challenges have led me to a fuller and more complete view upon a given topic. All that to say, please engage and interact!

            So, I guess this is the official launch of Convergence: A Meeting Place for Faith, Politics and Culture. Sit back and enjoy the ride!!


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